08 June 2020

Scent with Love Birthday Card

Don't you love it when you design a card, and it just makes you smile? This card does exactly that for me— it makes me smile. 

This is my first slimline card and my first Karen Burniston pop-up, and I love the effect! There is just something so happy about it. Perhaps it is the rolling green hills, the fluffy white clouds nestled against the blue sky, the forest trees, or the most adorable skunks. Don't even get me started on the bluebird!  Together, they just all work. 

A Closer Look

The design of this card came to me one night as I was trying to fall asleep. Why does that always happen? I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds themself trying to keep from heading back into the craft room in the middle of the night. Admit're among friends. 

Altogether, it took me two days to design and create this card. I know, I'm slow. However, when I make a card, a lot of different things go into my process. I'm not just making a one-and-done. I'll explain more about that in a moment, but first, let's take a look at the interior of the card before the mechanism is installed.

The Interior Panels

The First Step

The first step in my process is to search out my stamps. Everything else is going to be built around that idea. For this card, my focal point is the interior pop-up skunk. 

Whenever possible, I prefer digital because I like to be able to manipulate the size. After stamping (or in this case printing), I colorize my images with alcohol markers and then digitize them. That way, in the future, I can easily re-create the card in a fraction of the time or use the images in a different card layout. A little extra time now is a guaranteed time saver later. 

The close-up image below is the digitized version of my stamp, not the original. I've used this image in other cards as well. By digitizing, it also allows me to put a white border around the image and have my Cricut Maker cut it out. 

The Mechanism

The final step is to add the pop-up mechanism. As I said before, I am using Karen Burniston's pop-up die. It is so easy to use, and she even includes simple-to-follow video instructions on her website. 

Here is a look at my final design and the pop-up in action...

Thanks for joining me again this week. Please drop me a note in the comment section below, I would love to hear your questions or just a friendly hello.

As always, I have included a list of the elements I have used in the card below. 

Until next time, happy crafting! 



Digital stamps
Pigment Ink


  1. I love a pop up card! I joke and say "I like my cards to entertain you and me!"

    1. Sharon, I love pop-up cards too! Lately, I have become obsessed with them. Be sure to check back on June 29th. I have an adorable birthday pop-up card scheduled for that day. My goal is to release a new card every Monday, so I am preparing them in advance.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I hope to see you again soon.