17 August 2020

Memorial Boxes

Lit Memory Box

Today, I thought we would take a step beyond cardmaking and focus on a special project, memorial boxes. Creating one can be both a heartfelt and gutwrenching process. After all, we are designing a tribute to a loved one.  The one I am sharing today was a gift to my mother-in-law for her birthday. 

The focal point of the memory box is the silhouette of my father-in-law, Jim. It is taken from an actual photo, which I turned into an SVG cut file using Photoshop. The original photograph holds a lot of extra meaning to our family because it was the very last fishing trip we shared with Jim, so I knew this was the scene I wanted to create. The photo was taken by my husband. 


My father-in-law was an avid fisherman. He would head to the lake at every opportunity. How he ever got saddled with a daughter-in-law who doesn't eat fish, I will never know. However, that never stopped him from trying to convince me to try a little whenever we would get together for family dinners. Oh, such fond memories. 

Unlit Memory Box

This is what the memory box looks like with the lights turned off in the day. Since it is made from colored cardstock, it is still a vibrant looking piece. 

The first one I ever made was done in all-white, which is excellent when using colored lights. It's gorgeous at night. However, it loses its luster during the day when it is turned off. 

Overall, I prefer the colored cardstock design.

When first starting out, unless you are an expert in Cricut Design Studio, I suggest using a template. Jennifer Maker has an excellent one on her blog, To access the free download, you must register on her site. Jennifer also has an in-depth tutorial where you can follow along. 

The memory boxes can be made in multiple sizes. A 9" x 9"size will require 12" x 12" cardstock. The one shown above is 8" x 8" and was made using 8.5" x 11" cardstock. However, due to the multiple layers, I had to purchase two 8" x 8" shadow boxes to accommodate the depth and attach them together. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both. Be sure to choose which works best for you. Also, I do not recommend linen paper for this project; smooth cardstock is preferred.  

If you opt to use an all-white background and use colored lights, I purchased these from Home Depot. If you go with colored cardstock, I used these

I hope you enjoyed today's twist, and you are encouraged to make one of your own. If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment, and I will be happy to help. 

Happy crafting! 

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