10 May 2021

With Deepest Sympathy


As I mentioned in my last blog article, sympathy cards are the most challenging type of card to design for most of us. That is why I decided to do a month-long dedication. Otherwise, let's be honest, these are not the most cheerful cards to create as they bring about a sense of sadness.

03 May 2021

Tree of Life Sympathy Card

Let's be honest with one another, the hardest cards of all to make are sympathy cards. Usually, when we make one, we are grieving the loss of a loved one or dear friend. This makes it difficult because we are processing our emotions when we are trying to be creative. I recently found myself in such a predicament. I will be sure to have one made before such an event to have on hand in the future.

29 March 2021

My Happy Thought


My Happy Thought-- don't you just like the sound of that? I think we all need to keep positive thoughts at the forefront of our minds right now. 

22 March 2021

Baby Elephant Birth Announcements

Babies! They are a welcome addition to our lives and such a blessing. I always get excited at the opportunity to make a celebratory gift set for someone I know who has given birth. By now, I know many of you have seen the adorable baby elephant plushies with the birth stats, but I designed this card to match our little pet elephant, Hazel. 

Baby Elephant Gift Set
15 March 2021

Sugar and Spice


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Sugar and Spice Card with Box

I love creating unique cards for my friends. With each design, I try and tailor them to the recipient's personality or interest. This particular card was designed for a friend who loves all things pink, is an awesome mom, and has just entered the world of being an empty-nester.
08 March 2021

You've Been Hugged


Are you a hugger? I am. If you are, too, you know how difficult it is not to hug someone in this pandemic world. It seems so strange, but I haven't hugged my own daughter since mid-January 2020. Of course, it is because we no longer live in the same household. However, I would have never dreamt of a world in which that could happen.

01 March 2021

Happy Birthday Llama Card

Have you ever purchased a stamp that just makes you smile? That is what this little llama does for me. Anytime I use it, I find the corners of my mouth turning upward into a big grin. It is infectious!
25 February 2021

Valentine's Day Mail Box

Everyone loves getting Valentine's Day cards. I think it is even more important this year when so many of our loved ones are isolating. It shows those we hold most dear that we are thinking of them. Although the truth is I don't need a holiday to send my mom a card. Her dining room table is covered in my creations. 

22 February 2021

Will You Be Mine Valentine Card

Love is in the air, which means it must be time for another Valentine's Day card. Sweet innocence pours out of this card, thanks to this delightful stamp by Landesfes. I designed the card for my daughter and her boyfriend. It just reminds me of young love. 

18 February 2021

You are Toadally Adorable!


There is just something about making a Peek-a-Boo card that I adore. They are so fun. Every time I open one, it just makes me smile. Since this type of card usually takes me a couple of days to make, I typically only make them for special occasions. Of course, Valentine's day is the perfect excuse! 

15 February 2021

Little Violet Birthday Card


To continue this month's series on Santoro stamps, I chose No. 32 Little Violet to showcase this week. I let the name of the stamp be my inspiration for the color theme.

08 February 2021

Santoro No. 60 - Thank You Card


I adore the Santoro Gorjuss stamp collection. They are charming. However, I thought this stamp entitled, Let Down, was ironic since I am using it for a thank you card. Trust me, I was anything but let down then it came to the Christmas gift my daughter gave me this year, which was a collection of new Copic markers!