18 January 2021

Single-Layer, One-Turn Lovely Blossoms Card Set


The Turnabout Stamps made by Concord and 9th are extremely versatile. As you may recall, last week, I used the same stamp. However, in that card set design, I used four ink colors and four turns of the stamp. This week, I wanted a simpler look using the Lovely Blossoms stamp.

16 January 2021

Today's Princesses


My hubby and I have a long-standing running joke. Since I have all the equipment and material to make custom cards, he places an "order" every year for my birthday. I know, he's hilarious. He makes me smile, too. I love that man. However, I must admit, this card was a big hit. I even managed to get a belly laugh out of my guy. 

11 January 2021

Hello Turnabout Card Set


Can someone please tell me what rock I have been living under? How did I not know about Turnabout Stamps by Concord & 9th? I am absolutely in love with them!