22 February 2021

Will You Be Mine Valentine Card

Love is in the air, which means it must be time for another Valentine's Day card. Sweet innocence pours out of this card, thanks to this delightful stamp by Landesfes. I designed the card for my daughter and her boyfriend. It just reminds me of young love. 

18 February 2021

You are Toadally Adorable!


There is just something about making a Peek-a-Boo card that I adore. They are so fun. Every time I open one, it just makes me smile. Since this type of card usually takes me a couple of days to make, I typically only make them for special occasions. Of course, Valentine's day is the perfect excuse! 

15 February 2021

Little Violet Birthday Card


To continue this month's series on Santoro stamps, I chose No. 32 Little Violet to showcase this week. I let the name of the stamp be my inspiration for the color theme.

08 February 2021

Santoro No. 60 - Thank You Card


I adore the Santoro Gorjuss stamp collection. They are charming. However, I thought this stamp entitled, Let Down, was ironic since I am using it for a thank you card. Trust me, I was anything but let down then it came to the Christmas gift my daughter gave me this year, which was a collection of new Copic markers! 

01 February 2021

Basic A2 Layout Design for Stamped Image

If there was a contest for the most boring blog post cover photo, this one would surely be a contender! However, there is not, at least as far as I know, and this post isn't about being pretty. It is about being informational. 

25 January 2021

Have a Ball Birthday Card

We are getting back to basics this week. Today's card does not feature any interactive dies. Instead, I focused on a simple gumball die-cut I found on Cricut Design Studio.

18 January 2021

Single-Layer, One-Turn Lovely Blossoms Card Set


The Turnabout Stamps made by Concord and 9th are extremely versatile. As you may recall, last week, I used the same stamp. However, in that card set design, I used four ink colors and four turns of the stamp. This week, I wanted a simpler look using the Lovely Blossoms stamp.

16 January 2021

Today's Princesses


My hubby and I have a long-standing running joke. Since I have all the equipment and material to make custom cards, he places an "order" every year for my birthday. I know, he's hilarious. He makes me smile, too. I love that man. However, I must admit, this card was a big hit. I even managed to get a belly laugh out of my guy. 

11 January 2021

Hello Turnabout Card Set


Can someone please tell me what rock I have been living under? How did I not know about Turnabout Stamps by Concord & 9th? I am absolutely in love with them!

04 January 2021

Stitched From The Heart Card Set


Now that Christmas has passed, I thought I would share this month some of the card sets I made as gifts for the holiday season. After all, with many of us still social distancing, I thought it would be an excellent way to help my loved ones stay in touch with those important people in their lives. 

31 December 2020

Christmas Card Surprise

There are times when a video is necessary to appreciate the dynamics of a card. This is one of those times. Today, I am showcasing a masculine Christmas card I made for my daughter's boyfriend. As the name suggests, there is a surprise waiting inside this card!

28 December 2020

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Magic Iris

Christmas is filled with creating new family memories and reminiscing over old ones. This card is meant to take our daughter back in time, if only for a moment. With its juvenile design, it was created to spark a specific childhood memory.