23 November 2020

Thanksgiving Card Swap

This week's cards focus on a Thanksgiving Card Swap I entered in my cardmaking group. Names are drawn randomly, much like a Secret Santa, so no one knows exactly who they will get cards from in the swap. 

I have always enjoyed making interactive cards, but since joining a card swap group, it gives me even more excuses to make one. Not that I need a reason to create a Peek-A-Boo card. They are a bit like potato chips. You just can't stop at one. Now, throw in the theme of Thanksgiving, and you may as well consider that a container of onion dip. 

When it came time to layout my design, my inspiration came from the Fall Plaid paper I found on Etsy, along with the sweet, digital turkey stamp. I also used additional digital stamps from this collection as well. I love digital stamps because you can modify them to the size you need, something that you cannot do with a standard stamp set. Plus, it is instant shopping gratification, and you do not have to store a physical product. I have limited space in my craft room, so that is a big bonus for me. 

I ordered the flowers from They are the 49 and Market Wildflowers in Ginger. I thought they were so pretty. I will definitely order more flowers from this brand in the future. As part of a promo, I also scored a free bunny stamp that I used on my second card. 

Now, on to the inside of the card. The mechanics of this design activates when you open the card. I love the simple transition. As for the sentiment, it just makes me chuckle every time I open the card. Of course, the turkey is just there for the pie! Although these two stamps are from different collections, I found that they paired perfectly together. 

For reference purposes only, for the coloring process, I used alcohol markers to color the stamps. I am in the process of transitioning from Ohuhu to Copics, so I used a combination of both. The "turkey" was colored with Copic #E000, E00, E51, and E53. I also used Ohuhu #24, #34, #12, #22, #97, #14, #101, #104, #44, and #21. The pie was colored with Ohuhu #36, #34, #CG1, #CG0.5, #CG2, #82, and #83. 

As always, I would like to remind beginners to always finish out the back of the card. The idea is to balance the front weight of the card with the back. Plus, it gives the card a more polished look.

Finally, I always like to include a video for interactive cards so that you can see them in action!

Let's take a quick look at the second card I made for the swap. It is a simple layered design using the same plaid cardstock and color scheme. 

The card's interior uses the same Happy Thanksgiving stamp that I also used on the front of the Peek-A-Boo card. It complemented the card well because it had the Autumn leaves in the design.


It's always a bonus when I post two cards a week, so I hope you enjoyed them both. If you have any questions about the products I used or the dies, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will be happy to reply. I love chatting with other cardmakers.

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

I learned how to make a Peek-A-Boo card from a YouTube video, so I do not take any credit for the card's mechanism, nor for the special fold required to create it. Although, I did modify one of the measurements given by the original creator to suit my design.