24 August 2020

Birthday Explosion Box

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and this is not my original design. It is my version of the beautiful work done by a new friend of mine who is the owner and designer of Bubu Box

I met the designer in a cardmaking group I belong to, and when I saw her stunning explosion box, I reached out to her to ask her permission to try and mimic her design. Not only did she graciously give me the go-ahead, but she offered advice as I worked my way through the project. 

Since this is not my design, I'm not going to provide any instructions for the box. Instead, I am going to highly recommend visiting Bubu Box on Facebook so that you can get a full appreciation of her gorgeous work. 

In the meantime, here are a series of photos of my completed explosion box that I made in honor of my daughter's 27th birthday. 

I had so much fun putting together this particular box. It is the first explosion box I've made, and I loved the twist of the stationary two wall design. 

Join me next week as I share a 'baby gender reveal' explosion box. It is darling! 

I hope to see you then.

All the best,


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