31 July 2020

Christmas Plaid Purse

It's hard to believe this is the last Christmas in July post. The month seemed to fly by! To close off the month, I thought I would share this adorable gift bag. The design is inspired by my favorite Dooney and Bourke collection. 

Since I made this in anticipation of using it for one of mom's gifts, I chose a festive Christmas plaid. I love the outcome. 

Although it is an easy pattern to put together, I placed this into the advanced category because it requires designing your own cut file. The pattern requires three sheets of 12" x 12" patterned paper and two pieces of 8.5" x 11" or one sheet of 12" x 12. Other than that it just requires a bit of strong glue (I prefer Bearly Art) and four rivets. 

The base of the bag is a box shape. The body of the bag is comprised of four pieces. I prefer this over two pieces. Although I will be honest with you, I built my bag wrong in the above picture. Oops!  Typically, I put the widest pieces on the sides and center the small pieces on the front and back of the bag. It gives it a nice clean look with strategically placed seams. To apply these pieces you glue them to the outside of the box form. I start with the two side pieces, apply the front piece, and finish it out by applying the back. 

I trim the top of the bag with two thin strips of thin cardstock. The bottom of the bag is trimmed with wide scalloped trim. I then add the handles, which are held in place by the rivets. 

The last thing to do is add the front trim piece and the tag. 

Next month, I'm excited to share some fun projects with you. I have a cute flip card to share, a pop-up photo collage card, and a memorial box. Along with a few more ideas.  I hope you will join me! 

Until then, happy crafting everyone.


  1. Now that's a fun project! I can imagine this being easily customised to the recipient's preferences, which makes it even more special. I can also totally see the bag being stuffed with lots of goodies too, whatever the occasion!

  2. It is definitely a fun project. I love making them, and quite honestly, if people knew how easy they are to make they would never buy another medium-sized gift bag again!

    We've never talked equipment before, so I don't know if you have a cutting machine? However, once you design your cut file, it is just a matter of cutting and assembling. I always keep a couple of bags on hand for those last minute occasions.

    Thanks for visiting! I am always happy to see you! :)